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From Carry On to Downing Street?

Hello, welcome back!

Of course, A Bit of a Carry On isn't just about Dad and the war and the Carry On films, it's also very much about Mum and her journey too - from the back streets of Rutherglen in Glasgow where she grew up, to the Royal Variety shows at the London Palladium, and on to nights at Chequers, the Prime Minister's country retreat. Mum became friends with Mrs Thatcher, and they exchanged letters right through her time as Prime Minister (Mrs Thatcher's time as PM, not Mums...).

Sometimes they met at Downing Street, which is where I think this was taken. Wherever it was, goodness knows what amused them so much - or amused Mum at any rate...

And the dates for shows are now slowly building as theatres start to open up again. So have a look at the Tickets and Tour Dates page to see if we're at a theatre near you. If we're not, perhaps you could drop us a line with the name of your nearest theatre, we're always adding more shows, and let's see if we can bring the show closer to you!

More news to follow soon, but for now, thanks for reading and see you very soon!


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