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Hello and welcome to A Bit of a Carry On!

Maybe I should explain where A Bit of a Carry On has come from?

A few years ago I was relaxing after a ‘strenuous’ New Year’s eve (remember those…?), and I was browsing the papers when I turned the page and saw a headline that set bells ringing in my head. It read “Carry On star escapes Nazis” and alongside it was a large picture of my father, Peter Butterworth.

As I started to read the article, I found it was full of things I didn’t know about my Dad, things he’d never talked about. Almost immediately, this became the beginning of a journey back though his life that I’m still making. Of course it soon involved my mother Janet Brown, and her life contained as many surprises as his.

So here’s their untold story. It’s full of unexpected twists and turns (well I wasn’t expecting them!) and takes us back though that golden age of British film and television comedy in which they were both so much a huge and important part of.

It takes us through the Second World War and the Great Escape. It introduces us to a host of much loved British comedy actors who were household names to so many. There are stories from the Carry On films and personal letters from Mrs Thatcher! And I can tell you what really happened behind the scenes when they both got caught by Eamonn Andrews and his Big Red Book!

Don’t miss this show, I really think you’ll enjoy it.

And I’ll be back very soon with more news, and info about where I will be playing.

Keep safe and see you soon,



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